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Department of Sports for All

Leisure time is increasing with industrial automation and material affluence, and thus more people are pursuing a healthy life. Sports activities are one of the factors which influence changes in lifestyle, and therefore they are being promoted in an active manner. In this regard, the Department of Sports for All will satisfy the needs of the times and improve quality by fostering superior professional manpower who can instruct people with a sense of mission by learning the general theories and professional skills for sports for all as well as how to instruct.

Sports for all instructor certificate in various events/sports therapist/ sports massagist/dance for all instructor/winter sports instructor/water sports instructor (wind surfing, scuba diving)/Judo, Taekwondo black belt certificate/sports instructor for children/recreation instructor/tennis umpire certificate/gate ball and wood ball umpire certificate/volleyball referee certificate
Areas of Employment
Practice teacher/transfer to 4-year university/sports for all instructor at sports center/operation of private gym/worker and manager at sports-related industry/ sports massagist/life guard/dance sports and aerobics instructor/recreation instructor/Enter Korea Army Academy.