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Department Of Beauty & Art Design

In order to satisfy the various desires of man to become beautiful in the era of culture pursuing personality and beauty, students are taught with scientific and reasonable educational courses and various fieldoriented practices to become total beauty art designers capable of hair dressing, make-up, nail art, skin massage, fashion coordination, etc. to create healthy beauty and improve application skills and creativity.

Beautician / certificate of practice teacher / makeup / makeup artist / scalp manager / foot health massagist / nail art/ sports massage
Areas of Employment
To become a practice teacher at high school/hair shop/instructor at scalp products company/skin manager affiliated to dermatologist's/wig shop/skin care office/ instructor at domestic and overseas cosmetics company/beauty materials shop/ domestic and overseas cosmetics shop/Ad company/beauty-related event company/freelancer/instructor at beauty-related private institutes/beauty magazine publisher/ professional perfume shop/hair care center/hair dresser/coordinator/ beauty stylist/nail artist/foot manager/celebrity manager