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Department Of Health & Hygiene

We foster 'professional health and hygiene managers' in the life environment area, and educate students with basic knowledge and skills in the areas of public health, food hygiene, water hygiene, management of pollution of interior air in multiple usage facilities and houses, with specialized in-depth practice. We aim to enable students to exert their job capabilities after graduation by  cultivating their professionalism in these areas to be able to use the technologies in each hygiene industry in interrelated ways.

Hygienist (national license)/industrial hygiene engineer/water quality environment engineer/food hygiene manager (private certificate)
Areas of Employment
Civil servants in health and food hygiene position/Researchers at health and environment-related research institute/Indoor air analysis companies and ventilation facility companies/Pest control and disinfection companies/quarantine work/industrial hygiene manager/working environment managers at factories/Water quality analysis companies/ drinking water management/Food distribution companies and facility hygiene manager/hygiene-related service companies/ environment practice teacher