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Department Of Urban Environmental Management

We aim to teach our students to be able to contribute to the creation of a pleasant environment and the improvement in the quality of life of the local residents by acquiring the overall theories on environmental areas close to urban life including the environmental improvement, resources environment and the creation of urban ecological environment related to water quality, air pollution, wastes, urban space, etc. in an urban area which has composite functions and roles. Moreover, we will foster professionals who have a wide range of knowledge in the areas of city, industry, and ecological environments by combining environmental theories and technologies with industrial fields.

Water quality industrial engineer/Atmosphere environment industrial engineer/ Wastes industrial engineer/Noise & vibration industrial engineer/Soil environment engineer/Natural ecology restoration engineer/Environmental influence evaluation engineer
Areas of Employment
Civil servants in environmental and health position/Research institutes related to environment and health / Environmental materials analysis agencies / Environmental measurement agencies / Environmental pollution prevention facility companies/Ecological landscape construction companies / Rooftop green construction