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Department Of Hotel & Restaurant Management

In the 21C, professional manpower is needed in the area of hotel and restaurant which is a major industry creating high added value.  The department aims to foster students to be middle managers in the area of hotel and restaurant by educating them not only theories but also the practical knowledge and skills required at the site and hotel and restaurant.

Hotel administrator/hotel manager/hotel service/craftsman bartender (cocktail specialist)/sommelier/craftsman cook (Korean food, Western food, Chinese food, Japanese food)/cooking engineer/cooking practice teacher/food stylist/party planner/food commentator/US food hygienist
Areas of Employment
Hotelier at 5-star hotels home and abroad/Service areas including large restaurant, specialized restaurant, institutional food service company, in-flight meal company and cooking specialist and middle manager/ foundation of restaurant and professional consultant on restaurant management/supervisor at large restaurant franchise/shop owner and shop manager of large foreign restaurant franchise/ craftsman bartender/ sommelier/food stylist/party planner/food commentator