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Department of Airline Service & Tourism Management

Besides its effectiveness for the development of the nation and the national economy, tourism industry can promote understanding between nations, enhance national prestige and improve national welfare. Therefore, professional tourism workers are necessary for coping with the globalization and for a brighter future with a clear vision. In this department, students will improve their practical abilities through educational theories on the tourism industry and field trips conducted with the industry-academy cooperation system. Students will also improve their foreign language abilities (English, Japanese) to be able work effectively in the tourism industry both home and abroad.

Tourism interpretation guides/domestic tour guide/overseas tour escort/ hotel service manager/hotel manager/hotel consultant/convention planner/tour recreation (grade 1) certificate/AHLA (American Hotel & Lodging) certificate
Areas of Employment
Travel agency/airline/overseas local tour company/interpretation guide/ticketing/ ordinary office work/secretary/condo, resort/hotel/ restaurant/international conference planning company/international conference and exhibition company/ tourism event company/tourism Internet company/transfer to 4-year universities‘ tourism-related departments