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Department of Cadaster & Real Estate

With the rapid industrialization and the advent of the information age in every aspect of society, the necessity for fostering superior professional technological manpower is increasing for effective management and the usage of land, which is the most important component of life of the nation, and the transaction, development, investment and evaluation of real estate. The Department of Cadaster & Real Estate aims to foster professional workers in the areas of cadaster and real estate by systematically educating students the necessary curriculums such as the theories of cadaster and real estate, cadaster survey, land information system (LIS), real estate investment and development, and analysis of real estate rights.

Licensed real estate agent/certified public appraiser/housing manager/ land converter/cadaster engineer/survey and topographical space information engineer, etc.
Areas of Employment
Civil servant in cadaster position/Korea Cadastral Survey Corporation/ Korea Land & Housing Corporation/opening a real estate agency/real estate consulting/real estate investment trust company/appraisal and assessment company/large building management company/survey design office, etc.