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Department of Public Administration

The Department of Public Administration has been offering intensive curriculums which are the most appropriate for the office works at industries and which can support students in preparing for civil servants examination. Recently, we have greatly strengthened the area of social welfare administration to enable every student to get the certificate of social welfare worker upon graduation. Especially, in the 2007 evaluation of departments of colleges, our department was selected as the best department in the nation in all the areas of evaluation (educational condition, facility, operation and performance). Since 2008, we have established in-depth major courses for bachelor degrees for students to continue their study after graduation and obtain bachelor degrees which are the same as that of a 4-year university, in the department of public administration.

Grade 2 certificate of social welfare worker/certified labor consultant/loss adjuster/ patent agent, judicial scrivener/administrative scrivener/housing manager/computer usage ability/ITQ, etc.
Areas of Employment
National and local civil servants/professional areas including police, fire station, penitentiary, welfare, and IT/social welfare facilities/silver sitter (Helper for the elderly was announced by the Ministry of Labor as the No. 1 promising job in the future./public corporations/ordinary companies/ judicial scrivener's office/ administrative scrivener's office/housing manager's office