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Department of Social Welfare

We aim to foster talents of graduates who can provide professional social welfare services with the basic abilities and qualifications as professional social welfare workers and practitioners by learning social welfare policies and with the approach of social entrepreneurs addressing social problems and the social desires of people to guarantee the quality of cultural life for all people. Based on practical curriculums, students will be taught to be able to adapt to the actual fields quickly and work efficiently as able social welfare workers by taking the specialized curriculums established according to the plan of the specialization of the major.

Grade 2 social welfare worker/Grade 2 nursery teacher
Areas of Employment
Civil servants in charge of social fare (Grades 7~9), and social welfare facilities and organizations/hospital and sanitarium/nursery in national and public welfare center/short-term protection center/daytime protection dementia center/welfare center in the group home for the elderly and handicapped/social welfare-related corporations (national pension management corporation, medical insurance management corporation, labor & welfare corporation, etc.)