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Department of Texation & Accounting

With the rapid progress of globalization, business management in the modern society is becoming increasingly complicated and accordingly the demand for professionals with numerical management is also increasing. Especially, the demand for professionals in the area of tax accounting, the core of financial management, keeps increasing. In this department, we aim to foster tax accounting professionals who can work not only in ordinary companies, but also in taxation office, tax and accounting office, other national agencies and educational institutions by teaching students the theories and practices in taxation and accounting.

Management consultant/management diagnoser/salesperson/certified labor consultant/stock analyst/licensed real estate agent/certified public accountant/tax accountant/electronic accountant/accounting information manager/distribution manager/information processing engineer/search engineer/practice teacher certificate, etc.
Areas of Employment
National and local taxation office / tax and accounting office / national and local auditing organization/ bookkeeping and accounting areas in ordinary companies / practice teacher at high school