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Department of Architecture

We teach students theories and practices in the artistry and technology of architecture to nurture construction professionals able to cope with social demands in the rapidly changing information and industrial society of the 21C. On such a basis, we aim to foster professional construction manpower who can work actively in the field of construction design and engineering.

Construction engineer/interior construction engineer/construction facility engineer/ construction safety engineer/ construction materials testing engineer/wooden doors and windows engineer/urban planning engineer/ landscape engineer/construction safety industrial engineer/construction safety industrial engineer/construction hygiene manager/Construction facility engineer/construction engineer/air conditioning and freezer engineer/ fire extinguishing facility engineer
Areas of Employment
Architectural office/composite architectural office/structural professional engineer office/interior company/ professional and general construction companies/on-site supervision and construction engineer/ facility and construction engineer at facility companies/3-D building modeling/ Rendering planning engineer/ stage display and construction engineer at broadcasting companies/building manager